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Are there things in your life that you’d like to change? Are there things you see in yourself that you’d like to improve? We’ve leveraged our more than 45 years of experience with hundreds of thousands of people to build a vast library of prescriptive programs that address your needs and will help you change your life!
  • Over 120 prescriptive titles to address your needs
  • Programs for guided meditation or while driving, exercising, working or even sleeping
  • Subscriptions offer unlimited, on-demand access to the entire library any time, anywhere
  • Or purchase perpetual access to individual titles here or in-app

The WiseGuide App is your access to the greatest self-improvement tools ever created.

  • Subscriptions:   A monthly or annual subscription will provide you with unlimited access to the entire library of programs.
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  • Purchases:   If you prefer to have perpetual access to specific titles within the app with no recurring subscription fee, you can purchase those titles here on this site (browse the titles below). Then download the free app to access your purchased titles. You can buy more titles or upgrade to a subscription at any time here at this site or within the app.

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We designed these programs specifically to be listened to while driving - with eyes open and while staying alert
For Busy People
These programs are designed to be listened to in short, bite-sized chunks - perfect for people without a lot of time to spend on meditation and mindfulness
Love Tapes
These are the tied and true original programs Bob created - and have helped thousands of people worldwide better their lives
Effective Meditations
These programs are perfect for those interested in exploring Mindfulness and Meditation - and applying those to improve specific aspects of their lives.
These programs are designed to be listened to while falling asleep and while sleeping - they have relaxing music or nature sounds, perfect for creating a restful and productive sleep environment
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