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Quit Smoking
You are stronger than your addiction
Weight Control
Win the mental game of weight-control
Conquer Fears
Don’t let fears hold you back
Manage Stress
Relieve stress and feel consistently relaxed and happy
Sleep Better
Enjoy restful revitalizing sleep every night
Attract Money
You can win the money game
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Very Relaxing
I listen to this almost every evening before I go to bed and it does relax me. I feel the relaxation and stress reduction as I am listening to it
Perfect App
I would give this ten stars if I could! This app is fantastic, and truly relaxes your whole body. It also helps me to get deep sleep. This is a app I will be listening to all the time. Finally a app that is perfect!
It works!
I have always had a real problem with having negative thoughts constantly. But since I started listening to Bob's app, I notice that I don't immediately have a negative thought about everything. I actually can wake up in the morning and think something positive. I actually can envision a positive outcome more often.
Very Helpful!!!
I really recommend this app, I think most if not all of US need a positive thinking and outlook in life especially at times like these.!!!!!!!

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