Improve Life
October 1st, 2019

Using Love to Conquer Fear and Anxiety

We have all heard versions of the overused cliché: Love conquers all. While love is very powerful, the statement is tremendously vague. Love, if it were to exist in a vacuum, would not conquer anything. We should ask how love conquers and try to determine what it is that love is conquering. Once we define the scope of what we are trying to achieve, we can convert the cliché into an effective objective.

Try this on for size: When you mentally project love towards others you will find that fear and social anxiety can easily be overcome. This statement is certainly not as catchy as love conquers all – but hopefully some ambiguity has evaporated and you’re interested in learning more. Let’s talk about how love can be purposefully leveraged as a powerful tool.

When you make a conscious effort to project love energy, the way you present yourself to others will instantly change and will have a positive impact on you and the people you’re with. Try the following technique: the next time you encounter a stranger, or someone you don’t know well, make the effort to mentally project “I love you” while engaging with the individual as you normally would. Just say the words in your head and project them towards the individual with whom you’re speaking. This may initially seem like a silly practice, but let’s unpack the rationale behind the technique and add some additional context.

First, know that you don’t have to be “in love” with the person you are projecting love towards. In fact, you don’t even have to like the individual. You don’t have to agree with the individual, you don’t need to support their perspective, and you don’t have to enjoy their company. Second, understand that the conscious projection of love physically changes the way your brain processes thoughts and feelings. Your body language changes, your tone of voice adjusts, your facial expressions are modified. The love you project replaces the fear and anxiety you were previously internalizing. Third, when love energy is embraced and projected, empathy, compassion, understanding, and patience will soon follow.

With practice, you will notice that projecting love will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. You will be able to better express yourself, your words will flow more smoothly, and you feel more natural and spontaneous. This happens because you are in touch with your higher self. You are being your authentic self. Your personality will shine. You attitude will align accordingly with your positive thoughts of projecting love. You’ll be in a more positive frame of mind. The lines of communication between you and the other person will burst wide open.

Imagine an individual, perhaps a coworker, who is consistently difficult to work with. When you approach this individual from the perspective of love, you will understand that there are invisible elements of this individual’s life that influence how they project themselves. Perhaps they are having problems at home. Maybe they are experiencing health problems or financial difficulties. You will empathize with their invisible influences and attain a level of understanding. Because of your heightened sense of caring, you’ll listen more carefully and express more interest in what they are saying. You’ll feel yourself sending out positive vibrations that will make an enormous difference in your relationship with that person.

Remember, you can’t control how other individuals behave, but you can adjust how you interpret their behaviors and approach them with positivity and comfort. You will find that people are less defensive when you use this technique and they are more likely to see your point of view. Useless and irrational fears will dissolve thanks to the effort you make to create an environment that is healthy, positive, harmonious, and enjoyable.