Improve Life
October 1st, 2019

A Message from Bob

Dear Friends:

In keeping with the holiday, I am thankful for the opportunity to introduce you to Effective Learning Systems amazing new offering:


We’ve come a long way from 1972 when I founded ELS. At the time I already spent many years researching and testing methods of developing human potential. I had studied yoga and various forms of meditation (some of which are referred to in recent years as mindfulness), positive thinking and guided imagery.

The experts in these fields generally acknowledged that everything that we experience in our conscious and subconscious awareness is recorded on our braincells, and these recordings influence our reality. They form our self-image. They control what we believe we can, or cannot do. In computer terms we have been programmed. Unfortunately, much of that programing, which began the day we were born, and perhaps before, is negative and has caused us to accept limitations. In many cases these are false limitations, and because we have unwittingly accepted them, they have become very real to us.

The good news is that we can reprogram our mind to make it much easier to create new realities that are more consistent with the potential we were born with.

The process of reprogramming ourselves is very pleasant and involves rejecting negatives and replacing them with positive thoughts, images & feelings. The fastest way to do this is to get to a relaxed state of mind and experience powerful positive statements and images that have been carefully tested and proven effective for countless thousands of people over the last several decades. You automatically experience not being better than you are, but being more of what you are.

The positive programming used by ELS includes wisdom and advice from world famous philosophers, psychiatrists, educators, motivational experts and other authorities in the area of human potential development, some of whom are on Effective Learning Systems Board of Advisors.

So what you have with the WiseGuide app is access to all this age-old wisdom and proven techniques at your fingertips 24 hours a day on your smart devices for pennies a day. You will have a loyal support system of over 120 different programs to help you enjoy everything from restful sleep, to better control of your health, to overcoming fears, to coping with difficult & negative people, to better relationships, to managing stress, to financial success and much more.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.